Deck Building No-No’s You Should Keep in Mind

Are you planning on adding a deck to your home soon? If you are, you should know that the job involved can be challenging. A simple mistake may endanger the lives of your family or friends as you hold outdoor gatherings on it. Here are some of the most common mistakes you should avoid when building a deck.

Lack of Permit

A deck building project can be a major change in your home. Like most major renovations, it may require a special permit from your local government. Before starting to build a deck, secure a local permit; otherwise, it will only end up being dismantled, and you may have difficulty seeking the same permit in the future given your record.

Not Fixing a Broken Gutter

If you have a wood deck, chances are you need to keep it sealed to prevent moisture from causing it to rot over time. Constant splash or drops of water may, however, deplete the seal much faster. This is why before building a deck, you have to make sure the gutter that runs above it is free of cracks or holes that may leak water onto your deck.

Using Rusty Bolts and Nails

Even if you’re using high-quality wood planks, if your connectors are rusty, chances are your deck will last half its typical functional lifespan. Use new nails and bolts to ensure that your deck is not only stable but is also fresh-looking. Additionally, this will also help prevent the wood from rotting faster due to the presence of rust.

It is always best to hire professionals when doing renovations or additions like deck installation. Even with experience in carpentry works, it is wise to leave such a complex job to builders to make sure that the result will be more than satisfying.


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