What Makes Timbertech a Top Decking Material?

If you want your deck to be both safe and good-looking, you need to find a material that comes with both qualities. Go to a deck building firm and they will suggest that you select TimberTech. Here are the top reasons why.

It Is Made of Composite Material

Unlike wood, composite is made combined wood fiber, thermoplastic, and lingo-cellulosic filler. The result is a durable, scratch-free material. While wood requires constant cleaning and sealing to keep pests and molds at bay, composite material doesn’t invite microorganisms because it is generally inorganic.

Beauty that Lasts for Decades

You may be worried that by using composite you might lose the feel of natural wood. While this may be true with other wood plastic composites, TimberTech is actually texturizes to retain the appearance of natural wood. Unlike wood, however, this beauty will last for many years event without proper maintenance because it’s inorganic.

Easy to Install

If you have ever worked with wood planks, you surely understand how heavy they are and how difficult it is to put them together. Composite materials like TimberTech are lightweight, allowing for easy and fast installation.

25-Year Fade-and-Stain Warranties

Because of TimberTech’s amazing features, the manufacturer is confident that this wood plastic composite will last a lifetime that it has offered 25-year fade-an-stain and limited lifetime warranties for the product.

To ensure that you will build deck that make a great place for small family gatherings, use tough and easy-to-install materials like TimberTech. It is also important to hire the right deck builders so that all your investment will pay off.


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