Maintenance Tips for Your Trex Decking

Trex decking is often a good choice for homes due to its quality and durability. In fact, one reason most homeowners choose Trex is its minimal need for maintenance. However, if you want to keep its pristine condition, there are certain steps you need to follow, especially for different kinds of elements that could potentially affect the appearance of your deck.

Dirt or Debris

For regular dirt and degree, using a broom to sweep the surface would suffice. However, spraying it with a hose is much more effective at removing dirt or debris stuck on the surface. The water you use should be warm and soapy for an effective clean. Brush it with a soft bristle brush as well to get into the crevices. Once the deck is dry, you can apply a brightener, particularly if there is tannins due to the debris.

Oil and Grease from Food

Food spills on the decking should be immediately cleaned to avoid deep seated stains. The same technique for removing dirt works just as well here. Spray your deck with warm, soapy water while using a soft-bristled brush simultaneously.

Ice and Snow

Winter is almost here, and ice and snow might be a problem if you don’t make a habit of removing them from your deck. Removing snow from Trex decking is not as hard as removing snow from other parts of your home. All you will need is a plastic shovel, and some calcium chloride or rock salt to make the snow melting process a lot easier.

Follow these tips to enjoy making the most of your gorgeous decking. You can also ask your decking contractors for other specific maintenance tips if you want.


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