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Effective Ways to Restore a Wooden Deck

As summer begins its steady approach, the more you start thinking about using your deck. Such a structure extends your outdoor living space. However, you can enhance it even more by considering some of the following ideas.

Stains and Paints

If your wooden deck has lost some of its luster, you can give it a makeover with ease if you paint or stain it. Staining your deck gives it a rich hue, enhancing its overall aesthetic, while also making it more durable. The stain essentially forms a protective barrier, capable of lasting, no matter its exposure to the outdoor elements.

Painting your deck adds to its protection, but not quite as much as stain because paint layers are thin. There are many ways you can paint the deck, but applying a checkered pattern adds some drama to this entertainment platform. You can even use multiple colors for a vibrant or whimsical look.

Composite Decking

Your wooden deck may be so damaged that it needs to be redone completely. Instead of returning to traditional wood, make the switch to a composite. This material is made out of both wood and plastic, which gives it a smooth surface that you will enjoy walking on everyday.

Because a composite features an artificial texture, it is easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about it chipping or warping over the years. Cleaning is as simple as using a mop or broom.

Your deck may have seen better days, but you don’t have to raise the white flag. Give it a makeover with stains, paint, or perhaps an entirely new surface.


Great Material Choices for Deck Railings

If you have a deck, one of the most important structures you can add is a railing system. They provide safety and security, and there are several different types you can install.


Composite deck railings are becoming more popular because they can hold up in any environment or climate. That’s because they are made from a unique composition of plastic, sawdust, and mulch. The surface feels exactly like plastic, and composite is a great low-maintenance option if you don’t have time to clean or sand the surface. There are several different colors you can choose from, helping you select a style that matches your deck for an in sync look.


Another popular option you might consider for your deck railings is wood. This material can be customized in many different ways and it comes in several different species. Cedar, for example, offers a natural beauty that other materials simply can’t replicate. It is a type of hardwood that is naturally resistant to rotting and different types of pests, like termites.

Pressure-treated lumber is another great type of wood for railing purposes, because it can be stained and shaped in a way that best suits your needs. Because it is more porous compared to other wood species, it is easy to refinish.

Whatever type of material you decide to go with, make sure you hire a trusted railing contractor. They make sure the railings are installed safely and in an efficient way, so you can start using your deck right away.

Tips When Restoring or Replacing Your Deck with Composite Decking

A well-appointed deck gives you the opportunity for many outdoor activities, like family cookouts or after-party extravaganzas. If this area is lacking that special something, give it a makeover in the following ways.

Update the Color

If your deck is made out of wood, an easy way to give it life again is to simply repaint it. There are many colors you have access to, but consider using bright colors. They turn the deck into a whimsical, captivating area. There are actually colors that invoke a specific emotion. Colors like yellow and orange, for example, tend to put people in a happy mood.
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Important Considerations When Installing Composite and IPE Decking

Constructing a deck is a project that will involve a lot of planning and materials. Put some thought into this project and consider these tips. They’ll give you a solid foundation to work with, so you can build the perfect deck for your home that is both practical and stylish.

Deck Materials

Many people see decks and automatically think of wood materials, like cedar and oak. However, there are many other choices that are just as beautiful and more durable.
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How an Outdoor Space Contractor and Novel Ideas Can Enhance the Patio

For many homeowners, the patio is a peaceful area that provides hours of entertainment and magnificent views. Now, there are so many different ways you can enhance this area, using the right furniture and design ideas.


The furniture on the patio is an important piece to the puzzle. With so many options and material choices, selecting chairs and benches may seem daunting.
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Ways to Keep Your Fencing Beautiful and Structurally Sound for Years

After a while, your once visually striking fence may have lost its luster. This is natural, especially if it’s made from fragile materials like wood. Luckily, there are steps you can take to give your fence a fresh look, almost as if it was brand new.

Clean the Surface

Whether your fence is made out of wood or vinyl, you can turn back the clock with a little cleaning. For wood fences, all you need to use is a mild detergent. Apply this substance all over, massaging it in with a scrub brush.
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Structures That Can Enhance Your Backyard

Your backyard may be a place you spend a lot of time at to get away from the constant hustle that life presents. In order to enhance this area, making it a better place to be, you can add the following structures.

Privacy Screens

You may spend a lot of time in the backyard but may fear other people peering in through your fence and watching. Free yourself from this fear by adding a privacy screen. Often made out of wood, these screens are tall, so you can have added privacy for you and your family.

A lot of these screens are treated to resist rotting and fading in color, even after several years. They can also be installed by an outdoor space contractor, so you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself or ordering a lot of building materials.


A great way to add beauty to your backyard, provide guests with ample shade, and anchor pathways is to add an arbor. These large structures are often made out of wood.


Before setting one up, think about the location and consider painting posts before starting your construction. When securing the arbor in the ground, use concrete forms. They don’t dry out quickly, so you’ll have plenty of time to secure the posts into the proper position. For added structure and durability, you can secure the legs with fasteners.

There are many great structures you can set up in your backyard. Just make sure you do some planning beforehand and seek professional help if you are stuck with design and material choices.