Great Material Choices for Deck Railings

If you have a deck, one of the most important structures you can add is a railing system. They provide safety and security, and there are several different types you can install.


Composite deck railings are becoming more popular because they can hold up in any environment or climate. That’s because they are made from a unique composition of plastic, sawdust, and mulch. The surface feels exactly like plastic, and composite is a great low-maintenance option if you don’t have time to clean or sand the surface. There are several different colors you can choose from, helping you select a style that matches your deck for an in sync look.


Another popular option you might consider for your deck railings is wood. This material can be customized in many different ways and it comes in several different species. Cedar, for example, offers a natural beauty that other materials simply can’t replicate. It is a type of hardwood that is naturally resistant to rotting and different types of pests, like termites.

Pressure-treated lumber is another great type of wood for railing purposes, because it can be stained and shaped in a way that best suits your needs. Because it is more porous compared to other wood species, it is easy to refinish.

Whatever type of material you decide to go with, make sure you hire a trusted railing contractor. They make sure the railings are installed safely and in an efficient way, so you can start using your deck right away.


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