Home Improvement Tips: What to Consider When Hiring Patio Contractors

Any time you’re considering a project to construct or remodel a deck at your Portland home for leisure and entertainment activities, researching for experienced patio contractors is highly recommended, and here’s why.

Hiring Tips for Patio Contractors

Licensed contractor – When asking for estimates, also ask for verification that each contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured. The Oregon Construction Contractors Board website offers a free, online search option to check licenses.

Estimates – Ask for estimates from your chosen contractor that include all costs including materials, labor, transportation of materials, cleanup of the site area, and hauling of any debris related to the construction or remodeling of a patio. The estimate should be signed and dated so that you can be sure that it is updated.

Also make sure to ask about possible adjustments to their rates, and when these adjustments will apply. This is so that you won’t be caught off-guard in the event that certain revisions are made to the costs.

Portland permits – Before any construction begins, you or your contractor must have the proper building permit from the city.

Warranty for materials and labor – Once a patio contractor is hired, the contract should reflect the information from the estimate, cover the length of the warranty, and exactly what the warranty covers. Do not sign a contractor until you’ve validated that no additional/hidden costs have been added without your approval.

Altogether, these tips shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish, especially when it’s for the success of your own renovation project. Exercising due diligence in any home improvement project starts with hiring the right professionals for the job.


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