Pergolas Add Versatility to Patios

Adding a shelter that allows guests to continue to enjoy your patio, even if it rains, turns your patio into an even more versatile outdoor space. The shelter of an open, airy pergola provides the perfect complement to an open, airy deck. So many options are available for covering your pergola that you should easily find one to fit your home’s decor.

To keep the view of the open sky, cover your pergola with glass. If your pergola is in an area where leaves, twigs, and other debris could spoil your overhead view, cover the glass with polygal sheets.

To create a natural look with an Oriental flavor, cover the roof with bamboo. Simply use strong twine or string to tie the bamboo to the slats.

Planters full of flowers or ferns on top of a sturdy pergola combined with planters of hanging vines around the perimeter create an arbor-like garden space.

Sun sails, panels of outdoor fabric attached to frames that fit inside the openings on your pergola’s roof, provide a trendy look. For whimsy, choose three or more colors and insert them randomly. Insert and remove them as needed. Louvers or a retractable awning provide other covers that can be closed or opened as needed. Large sails are another option.

Hang tailored pull drapes or full tie-backs made of outdoor fabrics around the pergola’s exterior for more protection from the weather.

With a covered pergola, you can watch the rain as you entertain when you want for as long as you want.


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