Using Nature in Planning a Backyard Deck

Backyard decks are becoming more and more popular in many part of the country. Getting close to nature is a trend that homeowners are embracing with outdoor kitchens and fire pits. The average return on investment from adding an outdoor living space is 82 percent. Planning the perfect backyard deck is an essential part of making this transformation.

Natural Materials

While concrete is natural, it doesn’t make a good backyard deck material. It is, however, a good material for paving walkways and driveways. There are stones that are appealing and can help to extend your home into an outdoor living area. Stone pavers or bricks can add grace to a house with siding. You can also incorporate wood with stone to add distinction to separate areas.

Follow the Flow

A deck does not have to be square, oblong, or straight in design. Depending on the scope of your property, rounded decks with railing or step-up platforms can bring out the flow of the landscape. Follow a tree line with different shapes and curves or create a rock garden with a trickling waterfall that leads the eye to the beauty beyond.

Anything is possible with today’s backyard decks. Spending time with nature not only keeps a mood upbeat, but the value of life can become more important. Think carefully about what you want your new deck to deliver and start discovering the multitude of natural products that are available.


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