Deck or Patio: Which to Choose for Your Backyard?

It can be liberating to have a living outdoor space when nice weather comes around. On that note, decks and patios give homes a whole new dimension, thanks to the additional living space that they provide. Are you deciding on whether to build a deck or patio on your backyard? Use the considerations below to guide you in your decision.

Patios are generally made with flooring made of bricks, concrete, or paver stones. Because of this, they are typically built at the same level as the rest of your lawn, which creates a more unified outdoor living space. Plants become key features, and it’s easy to incorporate useful stone features such as bird baths, fountains, fire pits, and kitchens. However, the materials most often used in patios are highly prone to staining, making them more difficult to maintain over time.

Contrary to patios, decks are typically built off the ground and made of wood. Their elevation means that they’ll stand out from the rest of your landscaping, but they do provide a better view of your backyard. For safety, decks will have to be built with a railing or fence to prevent users from fall accidents. Decks offer a wide range of material options, but since they are typically made of wood, decks require more frequent maintenance. Likewise, splinters will inevitably appear over time, which can decrease its safety and appeal.

As you see, each option has its set of pros and cons. To learn which option is best for your backyard, it can help to consult an experienced outdoor space contractor.


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