Pergola Building: DIY or Hire a Pro?

Adding a pergola to your backyard provides you with several benefits—it can extend your living space outdoors, provide better shade, enhance your home’s overall appeal, and even increase your property’s value. Generally, you have two options when it comes to this type of deck addition—go the DIY route, or hire a professional. Each comes with its own set of costs, and making each build worth it depends on several factors.


Many construction supply stores sell DIY kits in standard sizes. Tackling a DIY pergola installation requires at least two people who have basic handyman skills and have the necessary tools available including measuring tape, hammer, drill, ladder, level, etc. You’ll also need to know how to build a stable base.

Hiring a pro

Proper construction of any structure requires skill and knowledge. For those who don’t have both, hiring a pro is the better option. With a pro, you’ll also have access to more upscale options, which can give you a more beautiful, durable, and personalized pergola. That said, building costs will depend on the contractor you hire. You may choose to hire a general contractor over a deck and pergola expert to save on costs, but the end result may not have the high-quality finishing touches you’re looking for.

Whichever way you choose to have your pergola, it’s bound be a significant investment on your part, so it’s important to choose the best option to avoid buyer’s remorse later. If you’re not sure which avenue to take, ask an architect or home designer for their input.


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