Types of Railings for Residential Space Upgrades

Head to any commercial area, and you’ll see many different types of railings, all designed to fit with the aesthetic of a store or business. But interesting railings don’t just have to be for commercial areas. You can make your outdoor space at home just as interesting and reflective of your style with a variety of railing options.

Composite Deck Railings

If you want a railing that’s known for its functionality, ask your contractor about composite deck railings. This material is a plastic based product that doesn’t absorb water or stain. If you live in an area with bad weather, or have children or guests who could drop drinks and food easily, composite railings are a sensible choice as they won’t be damaged by these things.

Composite deck railings are very easy to clean and maintain, so if you have a simple decking area that you want to be fuss free, your contractor may suggest composite railings.

Latticed Railings

Some people prefer their railings to act more as a wall than just a barrier. Latticed railings are an excellent choice for this, as the pattern is both interesting and functional at the same time.

Latticed railings often look best when tied into other outdoor elements, such as a latticed pergola or fencing.

Aluminum Railings

If you have an outdoor deck on a higher level, you may want to go for an aluminum or other metal railing to give it the look of a balcony. Metal can be formed into many shapes and designs, so it’s a versatile option for homeowners.

Metal railings are safe as they won’t wear down through weather exposure. So if you want extra reassurance that your railings will be sturdy, they are a good choice.

Your railing contractor will have a full list of all the railing options available for your residential property. Contact a reputable supplier to help you create an outdoor space that suits your aesthetic while giving you the functionality you need.


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