Trex Decking Proves Ideal for All Outdoor Fixtures

By now, you know the virtues of composite decking. It lasts forever, keeps its color, and requires very little maintenance. But, did you know that this durably handsome material can be used for many other structures in your yard than just a deck? Because of its moisture resistance, composites brilliantly substitute for wood in many outdoor projects.

Built-In Seating for Outdoor Living

Composite decks are durable and low maintenance. Using the same material to face other structures on your patio make your outdoor living space feel sleek and modern. Wood substitutes such as Trex can be used to build attractive and functional wrap-around seating or simple benches. Adding these features allows you to entertain more guests at your next party or just have a place to lounge on a warm summer day.

Matching Railings Add Sophistication

You can further enhance your deck design by incorporating matching or complementary composite materials into your railing system. Sophisticated yet affordable railing design lends detail that puts your deck over the top. Moreover, the use of composites keeps your space splinter free.

Pathways for all Seasons

Ever get tired of maintaining your eroded paths through your garden every year? Designed for outdoor foot traffic, trex holds up well year-round and for years down the road. Installation is easy.  Just lay two pressure-treated, parallel runners along the pathway and attach the trex decking between them as your walkway. Well-planned trex walkways will keep you out of the mud when enjoying your garden or reaching your composite shed, no matter the weather.

These are just a few of the many ways composite decking can be useful when designing your outdoor living spaces. With a little creativity and a professional’s construction skills, you can use such materials as trex to beautify your backyard while enhancing its functionality and keeping maintenance to the extreme minimum.



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