Different Types of Deck Railing

A deck won’t be complete without a nicely installed railing. Apart from providing protection, it adds beauty to the deck, making it a valuable home addition. Choosing the right type of railing for your deck, however, may prove challenging, especially if you are installing one for the first time. Here are some of the most common options.


Wood is the deck railing material of choice for most homeowners, and for good reasons. Apart from matching perfectly with their wood deck, it also offers a natural feel, which has become rare when synthetic alternatives became popular on the market. There are many different types of wood you can choose from, including Cedar, Mahogany, and Redwood. If you want a more durable option, go for pressure-treated timber, as this is made to withstand weathering.


Your deck will look just as perfect if you choose composite railing instead of the more common wood railing. While this can be more expensive, it offers a great deal of benefits that you won’t find in wood. Since composite is made from a combination of different materials, particularly wood particles and plastic, it is more durable and rot-resistant. Furthermore, this material does not require special maintenance to last a lifetime.


There are many types of metal that can be made into deck railing. The most common of these are steel, wrought iron, and aluminum. Steel and wrought iron, however, may not be the most suitable options since they are ferrous metals, which means they react to moisture and rust. Non-ferrous metals like aluminum are a better bet.

If you want your deck railing to be properly installed, hire a reputable deck railing contractor. A contractor that specializes in deck and railing installation has the right resources that can ensure the project’s success.


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