Making the Best Railings: Key Considerations

Railing your decks and stairs is the best way to avoid danger and accidents in the house. You need to choose the best material to build a durable, low maintenance and an aesthetic appeal for your rail. Materials used in railing include wood, metal, stone, and glass.

IPE Railing

IPE refers to a very dense, tropical hardwood that has exceptional durability and natural insect resistance. With proper maintenance, the wood can last over 25 years. IPE can vary in colors: yellowish olive brown, darker blackish brown, and reddish brown. It has resistant to decay and fire. The oil helps in preserving the durability, its warmth, and vibrant appearance.

It can withstand most temperatures ranging from wet to cold, and all seasonal weathers. It also has a fine to medium texture, with the grain varying from straight to irregular or interlocked. It gives your house a moderate natural luster.

Timbertech Railing

Timbertech is reinforced wood fiber with plastic that has lower repairs and workability. Timbertech is stronger, denser and heavier than wood. It can resist insects, stains, and scratching. No need to worry about fading colors, sanding or painting. Timbertech supports a wide a range of colors; it can be gorgeous and refreshing.

The colors vary between brown, red and grays including brownstone, mahogany, brown oak, mountain redwood, cypress, Caribbean redwood, stone ash, silver oak, etc. Timbertech requires low maintenance and is suitable for most weather conditions. It’s the best offer for your railing and decks. However, the choice of material only will not make your house attractive. Good results require the services of a licensed railing contractor.

You should contact a contractor who will guide you and help you in choosing the appropriate material as per your needs.


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