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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Company for Composite Decking


Everyone wants the deck of their dreams, but not everyone may take the time to search for the ideal composite decking company. That’s a misstep you should never make.

The longevity of your deck depends on the type of company you hire, so let’s take a moment to discuss a few qualities that you should look for in a company that would build your deck.

Great Reputation

Sure, a company may promise that they offer the best composite decking around, but what do their customers have to say about it? One of the best ways to find out if a deck company does a quality job is to check out testimonials and reviews. You may even consider asking friends and family if they have ever worked with the company and if they were satisfied with the job. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2vugDfU


Timbertech and Composite Decking: Low Maintenance Options for Outdoor Living


Wooden decks and fencing can give a home’s property a rustic warm glow or a rich stately look. However, the work involved in keeping them stained or painted can take up a major part of your summer. The good news is that there is now a way to have the professional-looking outdoor living space without the drudgery of the yearly upkeep.

Composite Decking

New synthetic materials have brought an end to fading colors and the threat of breeding mold and mildew on decks and fences. Composite decking is made from a variety of materials, mainly wood byproducts and plastic. While vinyl, aluminum and plastic have been developed as an alternative to wood decking, composite decking has gained the most popularity. Some manufacturers go one step further and place a protective layer of PVC capstock over composite decking to create a hardened shell and to keep the stain from getting scratched as easily. Composite decking and fencing are more expensive when initially purchased, but the fact that they are low maintenance makes the investment worth the extra cost. Read more on this article: http://bit.ly/2vOqwSa

Why Hire a Deck Contractor and Avoid DIY

Knowing the potential high cost of hiring a contractor, you might be tempted to install your deck by yourself. While this seems to be a more practical option, it leads to some really serious consequences. Unless you were previously a deck builder yourself, the risk of messing up the entire project is too high. Here are some of the issues that might occur after a DIY deck building project.

Used the Wrong Materials

Of course, you will do your research and you’ll find tons of information about deck building on the Internet. Nothing beats experience, though. No matter how much information you dig up from the Web, deck contractors will still know the best material for your deck. They also know where to find it. Their vast connection of suppliers make them all-knowing when it comes to deck installation and sealing and anything in between.

Finish Slowly

A contractor can finish deck building in days. They can probably finish in a day what you think you can finish in a week and with great results. If you’ve started your project quite late in the fall, it’s only a matter of time before the weather gets in the way. So better hire a deck contractor to make sure that your deck will be installed fast and your family can enjoy it before the weather gets really bad.

Poor Job May Lead to Accident

The risk of doing a poor job is too high in any type of DIY. Loose nails, wobbly plank, or unlatched rail may lead to accident that can send you or another family member to the hospital. Meanwhile, a deck done by professionals are sure to be safer due to their excellent workmanship. There’s more peace of mind in spending more on a professionally installed deck than saving a little of DIY.

If you decide to hire a deck contractor, though, you have to take into account critical factors to make sure that you’ll get the value for your money. Consider how long they’ve been in operation, what type of insurance their employees have, and their license. It pays to conduct a thorough background check before you make a choice.

Five Tips to Keep Your Composite Deck Looking New Throughout the Year


Even though composite decking is extremely durable, it still needs some regular maintenance. Those who completely ignore their decks might find themselves dealing with issues such as cracked panels and sagging planks. Here is a quick look at five easy tips that will keep your deck looking great no matter what type of climate you live in.

Clean Food Debris Immediately

Most of the leading composite deck brands come with a warranty, but you might void that warranty if you don’t clean off oil and food debris within a certain period of time. As a general rule, food scraps shouldn’t be left on the deck for more than a few hours. A household degreasing agent such as dishwashing detergent will remove smaller stains. Read more on this article: http://bit.ly/2sowfMe

Is Your Composite Decking Accessible to the Disabled in Your Family?

IMAGE 4.jpg

Just because you or your loved one is disabled does not mean your backyard should be declared off limits to them merely by its design. To attain a fully accessible outdoor space, you must pay close attention to your yard’s design. If your plans include the installation of composite decking on your landscape, follow these guidelines to make sure everyone can gain easy access to this outdoor social hub.

Ramps Not Stairs

One of the hardest things for disabled people to navigate are stairs, especially in the case of wheelchairs. If your deck is built above ground level, be sure to incorporate a wheelchair-amenable ramp that also prevents tripping for the disabled not needing a wheelchair. It also reduces the strain of negotiating steps for the elderly who wish to access the deck.

If the egress is available, a ramp gradient of 1.15 is suggested to attain optimum safety for the disabled or physically impaired person. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2ryPXbf

Practical Elements You Should Add to Your Property’s Composite Decking


There are many reasons to choose composite decking over traditional wood decks. Not only do they offer a smooth surface due to their plastic composition, they also require less maintenance and will last much longer. You can enhance these decks even more by adding these elements.

Safety Rails

If your deck is extended off the ground, you’ll need to add rails along the side to prevent people from falling off. This is particularly true if you have children who like to wander and get into areas they shouldn’t be near. There are many types of deck railing materials you can select from. Read more from this blog: http://bit.ly/2oCOXgk

How is Composite Decking a Child-Friendly Option for Your Family?

Young Boy, Kid Reading Book On Rooftop Terrace, While Lying Down

Decking is becoming more popular with American families, which is evident when you see that the industry has grown by 5.5% over the last five years. If you haven’t yet had a deck installed on your property, you’re likely to be considering it, but you may be concerned that it isn’t going to be child friendly.

Children can be boisterous, clumsy and prone to allergies, so, you may think a deck won’t mix with these characteristics. However, composite decking may be a material that you need to explore with a contractor. Read more from this blog: http://bit.ly/2nFutrb