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Making the Best Railings: Key Considerations

Railing your decks and stairs is the best way to avoid danger and accidents in the house. You need to choose the best material to build a durable, low maintenance and an aesthetic appeal for your rail. Materials used in railing include wood, metal, stone, and glass.

IPE Railing

IPE refers to a very dense, tropical hardwood that has exceptional durability and natural insect resistance. With proper maintenance, the wood can last over 25 years. IPE can vary in colors: yellowish olive brown, darker blackish brown, and reddish brown. It has resistant to decay and fire. The oil helps in preserving the durability, its warmth, and vibrant appearance.

It can withstand most temperatures ranging from wet to cold, and all seasonal weathers. It also has a fine to medium texture, with the grain varying from straight to irregular or interlocked. It gives your house a moderate natural luster.

Timbertech Railing

Timbertech is reinforced wood fiber with plastic that has lower repairs and workability. Timbertech is stronger, denser and heavier than wood. It can resist insects, stains, and scratching. No need to worry about fading colors, sanding or painting. Timbertech supports a wide a range of colors; it can be gorgeous and refreshing.

The colors vary between brown, red and grays including brownstone, mahogany, brown oak, mountain redwood, cypress, Caribbean redwood, stone ash, silver oak, etc. Timbertech requires low maintenance and is suitable for most weather conditions. It’s the best offer for your railing and decks. However, the choice of material only will not make your house attractive. Good results require the services of a licensed railing contractor.

You should contact a contractor who will guide you and help you in choosing the appropriate material as per your needs.


Choosing the Right Fencing Material for Your Home Improvement Project


If you are thinking about improving your residential property, you should consider replacing your old fence. This feature is a crucial aesthetic element that affects the appeal of your home’s exterior. Therefore, installing a new fence will increase the value of the estate. In addition, fences can improve security against criminals, provide more privacy and enhance the safety level for children and pets.

When choosing your fencing in Portland, you must evaluate different factors before making your decision. One of these important elements is the material used to make the fencing feature. This aspect will determine the durability, performance and maintenance requirements of the fence. Here is a brief discussion of the best fencing materials for your home and their pros and cons. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2vuc4SG

Different Types of Deck Railing

A deck won’t be complete without a nicely installed railing. Apart from providing protection, it adds beauty to the deck, making it a valuable home addition. Choosing the right type of railing for your deck, however, may prove challenging, especially if you are installing one for the first time. Here are some of the most common options.


Wood is the deck railing material of choice for most homeowners, and for good reasons. Apart from matching perfectly with their wood deck, it also offers a natural feel, which has become rare when synthetic alternatives became popular on the market. There are many different types of wood you can choose from, including Cedar, Mahogany, and Redwood. If you want a more durable option, go for pressure-treated timber, as this is made to withstand weathering.


Your deck will look just as perfect if you choose composite railing instead of the more common wood railing. While this can be more expensive, it offers a great deal of benefits that you won’t find in wood. Since composite is made from a combination of different materials, particularly wood particles and plastic, it is more durable and rot-resistant. Furthermore, this material does not require special maintenance to last a lifetime.


There are many types of metal that can be made into deck railing. The most common of these are steel, wrought iron, and aluminum. Steel and wrought iron, however, may not be the most suitable options since they are ferrous metals, which means they react to moisture and rust. Non-ferrous metals like aluminum are a better bet.

If you want your deck railing to be properly installed, hire a reputable deck railing contractor. A contractor that specializes in deck and railing installation has the right resources that can ensure the project’s success.

The Best Prevention Methods for a Common Fencing Portland Problem


When people design and build homes, they first take into account things like affordability, neighborhood vibe, and proximity to favorite spots. In places like Portland, OR, it is always wise to consider environmental conditions as well. Salty Pacific Ocean air is a huge factor in construction. This is especially true for choosing the materials used for fences and decks.

A Common Problem with Salt on Wood

Microscopic salt particulates can corrode virtually any material. Metals, polymers, concrete, and especially wood are susceptible to salt. Portland residents have a particular problem with ocean salt mist because of prevailing winds from the coast, and the year round wet climate. Some places with ocean influence have relatively low corrosion rates because they enjoy regular sunny days. Portland, however, can go for months without warm sunny weather, which makes salt corrosion virtually guaranteed.

On fence rails and decks, “fuzzy wood” is a tremendous problem. This condition happens when salt particles collect in the grains of wood planks and rails. The particles attach to each other and expand, causing an effect that is strikingly similar to mold. In fact, most people mistake fuzzy wood for mold. Fuzzy wood causes discoloration, shortened wooden structure lifespans, and problems with the health of nearby plants. Read more on this article: http://bit.ly/2so7srU

Style a Deck With Help from a Railing Contractor

The railing that surrounds a deck can set the tone and style for this outdoor space. There are several different materials from which to choose as well as many design options available to the homeowner. The following are the most common options your contractor will offer.

Composite Deck Railings

Composite deck railings are the most popular choice among homeowners in deck railing due to the low maintenance it requires. It holds up well in any climate, and it looks like real wood even though it is made of wood particles like mulch and sawdust mixed with plastic. There is a wide range of colors available for this type of material.

Wood Deck Railings

These are a traditional choice that comes in many varieties. Pressure-treated rails hold up well against moisture and can be painted or stained. Cedar is rot resistant while Mahogany provides a rich color. Among the types of wood, redwood is the most durable. Design options for wood railings include traditional, interlocking patterns, sunburst designs, and lattice patterns. Seating is also an option that you can choose to add to wooden railings.

Metal Deck Railings

Metal railings look best on modern or industrial homes. There are three types from which you can choose: steel is a common building material but it can rust; aluminum is rust-proof with minimal upkeep needed; and, wrought iron looks beautiful on Victorian houses. Design options include arched balusters, cable railing, and scroll railing. A railing contractor can help the homeowner pick which is best for their house.

Why You Should Hire a Railing Contractor

When building a deck or balcony, railing design is often left as an afterthought. After all, people think that anyone can slap together a railing, but it’s a much more complicated process. Falls account for more than 13,000 deaths every year, making them the second leading accidental cause of death in the country. Around your home, a properly constructed railing is sometimes the only thing keeping you or your family from becoming part of an ominous statistic.

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Customize Your Deck with the Right Railing

If you’re thing about adding improvements to your outdoor living area by building a deck, then one of the areas that you must ensure that you do not overlook is the railing for your deck. There are more options to choose from than ever before because more and more attention is being paid to railings by companies who make both natural and composite materials for decking. From wood to iron, rails come in many different materials and styles. While the building code in your area may dictate exact options available to you, a good railing contractor will be able to offer you viable alternatives that meet your needs.

Whether you want a railing that gives your deck a modern look or you want something that is a little bit more rustic to match your home’s architecture, the right railing can make or break the entire feel of your deck. From pre-cut and pre-designed railings to those that have to be milled by hand, and then sanded and painted, the number of options that are available to a homeowner in today’s market are versatile and desirable.

A deck railing is a simple way for you to customize your deck, and it will also keep your family and friends safe when you are spending time out on your deck. A railing should be attached to the deck’s frame instead of to the deck itself to ensure that you have stability. The right railing will further ensure that your beautiful mountain or ocean views remain unobstructed for many years to come.