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Trex: Durable, Maintenance-Free Deck Material

If you have been thinking about building a deck to add on some extra living space for your home but you have been scared about the maintenance and upkeep required to keep it looking new, you can rest easy if you choose a Trex deck. The company’s composite decking materials offer superior strength, durability, and color for many years. Trex uses the highest-quality composite materials to give you a deck that is high-strength and maintenance-free. You will not have to worry about termites, warping, or rotting when you turn to Trex for your decking materials.

Another reason why contractors and homeowners alike love Trex decking material is the fact that it is made out of recycled materials. In addition to being good for your wallet, the decking material is also good for the environment. In an era where more and more people are worried about their environmental footprint, this is one area where you do not have to sacrifice performance in order to help the environment.

Over the life of your deck, you will save thousands of dollars in maintenance costs if you opt to build with Trex instead of wood. With a Trex deck, you do not have to worry about annual staining, waterproofing, and general upkeep. Their amazing products are designed for use in any climate. Whether you live in the tropics of Hawaii or in the cold of the Northeast U.S., you will find that Trex is a smart solution for all of your outdoor living needs.

An Easy Guide to Designing Home Decks According to Deck Contractors


Adding a deck to your home not only gives it personality, but it extends your outdoor area’s function and gives you many possibilities for fun. You can have success with deck design if you take these factors into account.

Assess the Way You Live

You’ll know exactly what to put on your deck and how to design in when you first assess the way you live. Start with general basics, such as the size of your family. You’ll need a larger outdoor living space if you have a larger family, meaning you’ll need more materials. If you live solo, then you can save on space and just incorporate the essentials. Read more from this blog: http://bit.ly/2oXaAM0

Everything You Should Know About Decking Balconies

Decking doesn’t just have to be a ground level structure in your outdoor space. Many people who are either short on square footage or who want to add something different to their property choose to have a balcony deck added to their property.

It’s always best to consult a contractor on how to do this, as they will have the knowledge and skills required to complete the job properly and in accordance with relevant building codes.

Add Decking to an Existing Balcony

If you already have a raised area, you can turn this into a functional deck space by adding materials to what’s already there. Continue reading Everything You Should Know About Decking Balconies

Creating the Perfect Trex Decking that Maximizes Your Outdoor Space


If you are looking to maximize your time in your yard, a deck may be the perfect addition to your home. Not only do they improve your property’s aesthetics, but its function as well. Getting a deck built can be done smoothly if you consider these tips.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

A highly underrated aspect of any deck is the lighting, particularly at night when you need a way to set the mood. Decorative lighting that’s multicolored is a great way to bring a whimsical, fun vibe to the area. Fiber optic lighting is another great option that uses only a single light source, where light travels along slender and flexible cables. This type of lighting is energy-efficient and comes in many different colors. Post originally appeared on CreativeFencesAndDecks.com blog page. http://bit.ly/2kYP19z

The Advantages of Composite Material that Deck Contractors Now Offer


Composite decks are becoming a popular choice these days. Made from recycled plastic and wood scraps, this type is an eco-friendly option for a home addition. It comes in an array of wood colors and earth-tones to go well with any type of outdoor décor you have.

It’s available in plank form that looks like traditional treated wood planks. Think of composite decks as a material that looks like natural wood but requires less maintenance.

Quality composite decks like Trex decking has several advantages, which are enough for you to consider this type for your home.

Read more on this article: http://bit.ly/2j6VEcP

Effective Ways to Restore a Wooden Deck

As summer begins its steady approach, the more you start thinking about using your deck. Such a structure extends your outdoor living space. However, you can enhance it even more by considering some of the following ideas.

Stains and Paints

If your wooden deck has lost some of its luster, you can give it a makeover with ease if you paint or stain it. Staining your deck gives it a rich hue, enhancing its overall aesthetic, while also making it more durable. The stain essentially forms a protective barrier, capable of lasting, no matter its exposure to the outdoor elements.

Painting your deck adds to its protection, but not quite as much as stain because paint layers are thin. There are many ways you can paint the deck, but applying a checkered pattern adds some drama to this entertainment platform. You can even use multiple colors for a vibrant or whimsical look.

Composite Decking

Your wooden deck may be so damaged that it needs to be redone completely. Instead of returning to traditional wood, make the switch to a composite. This material is made out of both wood and plastic, which gives it a smooth surface that you will enjoy walking on everyday.

Because a composite features an artificial texture, it is easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about it chipping or warping over the years. Cleaning is as simple as using a mop or broom.

Your deck may have seen better days, but you don’t have to raise the white flag. Give it a makeover with stains, paint, or perhaps an entirely new surface.

Building the Perfect Deck

Every homeowner wants a visually striking deck, whether it is for cookouts or family gatherings. But what goes into designing these pleasure-producing structures? It’s actually not that hard when you implement the right plans.

Board Selection

Selecting the right deck boards can be difficult because imperfections, like rotting and chipping. Make it easy on yourself by inspecting the boards in person. Sure, this will take longer, but it ensures quality over quantity. When inspecting each board, look for things like rotting, knots on the sides, and insect damage. If any of these flaws are present, find another dealer or seller.

If you are not sure what quality is good or bad, it might be best to select boards that are made from plastic. Composite boards, for example, come in perfect condition and have a smooth surface. You don’t have to worry about installing boards that are already chipped and damaged, ever.

Shape and Size

There are many ways you can customize your deck, such as the way it’s shaped and sized. You might want a large deck, but you don’t want to go too big, in fact. This only overwhelms the house visually and costs you a lot of money. Find the right balance. In terms of shape, think outside the box. Irregularly shaped decks look distinct and make the area a whimsical place to be.

The perfect deck is within reach if you consider important design elements, like size and materials used. Once you have a plan, the build can go much smoother.